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Alco Calculator Calendar Full

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The app will help you to stop drinking or drink less if you are social drinker, trying to quit abusing alcohol or fairly easy for those who want to keep statistics on the consumption of alcohol. Easily keep track of daily intake of alcohol and to create a powerful new habit not to drink alcohol, and to be sober and not drinking every weekend. It is also very useful for people following the step by step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The app includes a powerful counter sobriety drunk displays statistics for the selected period and the amount of money, with a choice of currency spent on alcohol for the display period.Application features:- Choose the period during which you do not drink- Counter "sober" days- Allows you to display statistics for any period or for a particular month- Graphically (using different colors) indicates the status of "dry" days during this month- The ability to set the price of the drinks, to assess the spent money on alcohol for the periods